develops real estate projects that intentionally integrate with their community, both through the creation of new buildings as well as through the preservation and improvement of the area’s architectural gems.  We put a high value on understanding urban living in an effort to ensure that our design solutions continue to be informed by current trends in urban environments and society.

We have a people-focused approach to developing. We strive to create places where people want to live. These principles lay the foundation for planning and design of all the spaces we build.

We continually interact with members of a community before we start the planning and design process. We genuinely want to know what is important about the fabric of this neighborhood and how we can contribute to it in a meaningful way. We strive to develop successful buildings that focus on quality of life by integrating the needs of the people who will live, work and play there.


Founded over 15 years ago, has made its mark on the Seattle area in both large and small ways. BizNow has called barrientos one of the most "highly influential urban infill project developers".


has established a reputation for creative problem solving and the tenacity needed for these types of projects.

Place-Making Principles

At , several key Place-making Principles lay the foundation for planning and design of each and every one of our projects:

  • Plan for commercial uses at pedestrian scale so they are intentional & purposeful
  • Commit to making all commercial spaces engage the community so they will become part of the fabric of the neighborhood and become neighborhood gathering places
  • How will each building will engage pedestrians to make passing by memorable, keeping the scale and experience human
  • Intentionally plan for the way our tenants social life works and continues to evolve
  • How does the built environment promote and help peoples lives flourish?

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Company Expertise and Experience

  • Market Research
  • Project Feasibility Analyses
  • Land Aquisition
  • Land Use & Permitting
  • Community Outreach
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Financial Management
  • Promotion & Lease Up Support
  • Leasing Management through our affiliate Blanton Turner
  • Curating Art for Buildings

    development services

  • Multi-family Housing
  • Cultural Arts Facilities
  • Historic Preservation

    director resume
    Maria Barrientos

Art in Our Buildings

as we are intentional and deliberate during development, we are intentional with the addition of art in our buildings. Sara Everett curates art so it compliments each building, the neighborhood, and people who live there through her vast contacts in the local art community.
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